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quark mod


– Added backported Deepslate and Smooth Basalt
– Added the ability to convert any wooden chest into a vanilla chest
– Fixed Enchanted Books with enchantments over the limit being unusable
– Fixed incorrect padding on tooltips for items that have attributes
– Fixed Matrix Enchanting Table not appearing in JEI
– Fixed some dev files being left behind causing the filesize to be bigger than needed


– Added a config option to make the Matrix Enchanting Table a separate block. No recipe is provided.
– Added a new configuration system for Greener Grass. Access it from ingame under the Client module to better fit it to your liking!
– Added Ambience Discs: New music discs that emit looping ambient sound effects, acquirable when a Skeleton kills a Spider.
– Added lang keys to change the colors of select text in quark GUIs for resource pack makers.
– Added More Banner Layers. Banners can now have up to 16 patterns in survival.
– Added Music Disc Automation: Jukeboxes can have Music Discs played via Dispensers and pulled out via Hoppers.
– Corundum can now be waxed with Honeycomb to make it not grow or emit particles.
– Fixed a crash when a cartographer attempts to create a Pathfinder Map to a biome that can’t be found.
– Fixed a crash when loading up a world with Automatic Recipe Unlock with too many recipes loaded. The recipe packets are now delivered peacemeal.
– Fixed a crash with Quark Oddities’ Magnet System attempting to load incorrect recipes.
– Fixed Applied Energistics GUIs showing up again with quark inventory buttons (cdgamedev)
– Fixed Bamboo Bundles being compostable.
– Fixed Bamboo Mats having the wrong material.
– Fixed Beacon Beams not being set to the appropriate color immediately when a Stained Glass block is in the way like in vanilla.
– Fixed Charm’s Crafting Button not offseting with the backpack gui.
– Fixed Iron Rods causing 4px wide blocks to cull textures at the bottom
– Fixed looking at a Map while chest search is enabled breaking the latter
– Fixed Pipes not dropping their contents when broken.
– Fixed rotation and mirroring with Vertical Slabs.
– Fixed Shiba Inus (Experimental Module) not increasing their HP when tamed like vanilla Wolves.
– Fixed z-fighting with Glass Item Frames and maps (I couldn’t reproduce this so it may not? let me know)
– Greener Grass now uses a different way of calculating the grass color, causing in it being less incredibly bright.
– Improved a lot of textures, thanks to Sully and thecraftyghost. Sully is now actively working on Quark content so expect more soon!
– Increased the priority of Ancient Tomes and Runes in anvils to maybe curb the cases where some other mod catches it and stops them from working
– Monster Box mobs will now only drop items when killed by players.
– Redid Ancient Tomes: They now apply directly to tools and increase the level by 1.
– Redid Rune Spawning: Colored Runes will no longer spawn in loot chests, but rather Blank Runes you can dye any color of your choice.
– Refractored the code for the ingame config system to allow for more extension.
– Small Speleothems now increase fall damage by 50%.
– The button ignore list in general config is now a combination of a config and hardcoded list, to allow better updating.
– The Trowel is now unbreakable by default. (old configs will still have it with durability unless you reset that part)

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